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10121985 [882]
Name: Judix
Email: bggfbx@hotmail.com
Subject: GapNkDyCyqktSmNMv
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Fri Jul 06 2018 21:01:45 GMT+0100 (BST) [881]
Name: Spikeymike
Email: mikerileyd@hotmail.com
Subject: Swindon
Could anyone me is there any nice places near Swindon or near to river swim ???
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Tue Jun 19 2018 20:59:36 GMT+0100 (BST) [880]
Name: Joanne huyton
Email: Joanne.huyton@yahoo.com
Subject: Swimming
Please could u let me no with any open swim event please in the lakes
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10121985 [879]
Name: Judi
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Sun Apr 15 2018 19:39:36 GMT+0200 (CEST) [875]
Name: Andrew Hanton
Email: andrewhanton@btopenworld.com
Subject: Coniston Water temperature
Does anyone know how I can find average temperatures for the water in Coniston throughout the year please?
My searches have come to nothing. Many thanks
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Email: World Cup soccer tracksuits
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