Abridged from "Rob's Directory of Cool Places". Reproduced with permission from: Rob Fryer. Copywright
Rating explained: s=star rating - site visited n=star rating based on reports p=star rating - private site d=disabled access c=higher risk of drowning or injury w=mentioned in Waterlog by R.Deakins l=water colder than expected a=attractive place t=beware of river in spate g=not suitable for dogs k=for kids - mainly shallow m=midges f=near firing range
BiggarWolfclydeWolfclyde BridgesClydeNT019360
DunsPrestonDead Manís PoolsWhiteadderNT785570TD11 3TD
DunsPreston Preston BridgesWhiteadderNT787568TD11 3TD
DumfriesDumfriesThe Red Brue ssd NithNX 978778DG1 1JZ
DumfriesPenpontBlack HoleScarNX 833943DG3 4JS
DumfriesPenpontHopping HolesccScarNX 831944DG3 4JS
GalashielsPeeblesNeidpath Castle tsssscd TweedNT 237404EH45 8JD
GretnaPentonbridgePenton Lynnsssc LiddelNY 423774CA6 5QZ
HawickHawickThe DunkskTeviotNT 489138TD9 7AH
HawickHawickCoble Cauld/Spetchkk TeviotNT497146TD9 7AH
HawickTeviotheadColterscleughsTeviotNT419070TD9 0LF
JedberghHownamTow FordkkKaleNT 761133 TD8 6NH
LargsLargsGreeto Bridge PoolsssssscdGreetoNS 229597KA30 9ED
LennoxtownClachan of Campsie Jamesí Linnsscd KirkNS 611799G667AB
LennoxtownClachan of Campsie Ladyís Linnkksd KirkNS611798G66 7AB
LennoxtownClachan of Campsie Wee Alicompen Wflsssscc KirkNS 619805G667AD
New GallowayKnoweheadHigh Bridge of Kenssscc KenNX 619902DG7 3UE
Newton StwMinnigaffBlack Pool sPenkilnNX417674DG8 6AF
StranraerNewton StewartBrewery PoolsCreeNX 407666BG8 6DG
StranraerNewton StewartLadies/Kirk PoolsCreeNX 408 665BG8 6DG